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Children's Race


What do we teach your child?

  • We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS).

  • We regularly track each Child's personal stage of Development. In regularly tracking a child's progress, ensures every child is making progress and making sure no child is falling behind or struggling.

  •  With this information, we can work together with parents and carers to access the correct services or support if needed. 

  • Every two to three months following a track of your child's development, we will create targets to work towards, these targets are also sent home, to ensure consistency and partnership working with parents and carers.

  • Each child's targets are created by us observing your child's developmental needs, any areas for support and taking into account your child's interests.

  • Each child's individual views and opinions are listened to and taken into account when planning activities and outings.

  • We NEVER compare any child's age and stage of development with that of another child.

  • We recognise that all children are individuals, with unique skills and attributes which are celebrated.

  • We encourage children to be as independent as they can be, but are always on hand for encouragement and support where needed.

  • We take children's interests/likes/opinions and personal lived experiences into account when planning activities and frequently incorporate these into our activities.

  • We share children's wow moments and achievements with parents and carers daily.

  • We encourage all children to be kind, polite and always strive to help each other.

  • Children have access to the outdoor play area on a daily basis, whatever the weather.

  • We go on weekly outings, we currently alternate each week between Richmond Park woodlands and Kew Gardens.

  • We follow a routine. Transitions such as 'tidy up time', 'snack time' and 'lunch or dinner time' are accompanied by a song to help children anticipate what is coming next.

  • Children are praised for all their achievements no matter how big or small.

  • Praise can be verbal, a high five, a sticker or a treat from our treat jar.

  • We are flexible with our weekly planned activities. We will always listen to the interests of the children on that particular day and incorporate where possible.

Curriculum: Welcome
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